time for pastures new?

Welcome to Edgar Stewart

When it comes to recruitment agencies, we’re one of a kind.

We not only specialise in bespoke search and selection, but in helping our clients understand the link between recruitment and retention. 

From our Edinburgh base, we work with clients all over the world on business growth and talent management solutions to give them the competitive edge in today’s candidate-led market.

We also work closely with candidates on achieving the perfect job match and maximising their career growth objectives. 

But recruitment search and selection is only the tip of the iceberg.  Our ambition is to share our success with other recruiters and help them launch successful SME recruitment brands. In short, we hope to become a recognised recruitment start-up incubator.

We’re delighted to be able to lend our expertise to help young start-up recruitment companies off the ground.  Just take a look at Talented.  

We look forward to launching other new brands in energy, life sciences and food & drink very soon.  

You could say we’re a small giant in the busy world of recruitment.